Swedish Summer

Hi from us! Ah.. I’m sitting in the kitchen with a piece of pie in front of me and a baby sleeping in her cot. We’ve done sleep training again the last few nights and basically without any crying Pippa has gone from sleeping restlessly on me to sleeping through. It’s beyond wonderful and I hope it keeps up!

Summer is going so fast here in Sweden despite us not doing much at all. We spend our days here in the country side eating delicious things, taking dips in the lake and just hanging out. It’s so wonderful! I think I really needed a little break from farm life and come here and see my family. Nothing like that to get you inspired again. Anyway, here’s some pic from the last week!

The most delicious salad, romaine lettuce, lots of watermelon chunks, grilled halloumi and a apple cider vinegrette. Simple and yummy with a piece (or six) of freshly baked bread!

My little sleeping beauty.

A typical Swedish country breakfast. Kefir yoghurt, crushed crisp rye bread and a massive blob of lingonberry jam. Yum!

We spend a lot of time in the garden and yesterday I found these little wild strawberries. When we were little we’d line them all up on a grass straw and then eat while playing.

The cherries are ripe and I made my first cherry pie! See pic below. It was super scrumptious and I will have to write out the recipe and share with you!

Summer evenings ♥️

Hi Pip! This little lady really has grown soo much in the month we’ve been here. She’s gone from only doing commando crawls to waking around the house (with someone’s help of course!). She’s such a little character, so full of life and always soo happy. I feel so blessed to have her here and I can’t wait for many more Swedish summers with my darling!

Another typical Swedish breakfast. Rye bread with lots of butter, strong cheese, an egg, coffee and some gooseberries. And the paper! That’s a necessity.

Despite it being an incredibly dry year here in Sweden everything is soo much greater than back home!

Pippa the little farm girl in her sheep pj’s.

The cherry pie. So yummy and so easy to make!

Pip in her new happy place, on the way to go for a swim in the lake. We really are so fortunate to have two home countries!

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