The first week in Sweden

As I write this I’m sitting in my mum’s sunny kitchen and I feel myself take a deep breath and lower my shoulders. It’s been a great first week home, but a busy one. Coming home with a little baby is a whole other ball game than coming home alone. Normally mum and dad will pick me up from the airport, I head straight for the grocery shop where I buy all my Swedish favourites and then I come home, cuddle our cats and crash in the sofa with a bowl of strawberries to watch at least four episodes of a British crime series (one of those “cuddly”, not so scary ones and preferably one involving Miss Marple). It’s a great way to cure any jet lag and after a day I feel all like myself again.

Coming home with a baby is quite different, but ten times more wonderful. Mum and dad picked us up from the airport, Pip got a crazy amount of mormor and morfar cuddles which she loved and then we headed of the shops to buy nappies. I’m a bit annoyed with the Swedish nappies as they are quite different to the Huggies we have at home which I feel are a bit more solid? But maybe I just haven’t found the best brand yet! They do the trick though which is all one can ask for anyway haha.

After buying a giant supply of nappies as well as my favourite cottage cheese, lingonberry jam, rye bread and Swedish ice cream we headed home to Ludgo. Mum and dad (who are now happily divorced) bought this old vicarage when I was seven and it truly is my Swedish summer paradise. It’s an old house from the 1700’s and it’s located on a hill overlooking a lake, and a little stable we used to have ponies in as teenagers. To bring Pip home to this almost brought a little tear in my eye as we were driving up the drive way but that could also have been the post cinnamon bun sugar high/extreme tiredness (will write a separate post about the actual flight!).

Pip and I spent a lot of time walking around the garden with my mamma and then in the evening my darling sister came down from Stockholm where she lives, and work as a project manager for Islamic Relief. As someone who’s very much a stay at home mum at the moment (and loving it!) I’m very proud of her for her dedication and hard work, and Pip absolutely adores her. When you don’t see your family very often it’s always special to catch up properly. She’s a great cook to and made the dinner below. Sadly I’m not as much of a will (pickled herring) fan as the rest of the family but it did look very pretty! I ate rye bread, potatoes and a stir fry instead of the little fishy bits haha. The only sill I like is the one in mustard sauce but that’s because you don’t have to actually taste the fish!

Other than eating (which we’ve done a lot of!) this week has been spent trying to let Pippa catch up on sleep. She had quite a high fever for the first three days after the trip and she’s been extremely mumsy. Something I don’t have anything at all against. It’s nice to feel like she really needs me for comfort, and I’m happy to give her all the snuggles she needs. She’s finally on the mend now and while she’s still happy when she’s a little crook you can really tell a difference as her appetite is back and she’s devouring the bread and butter I give her, as well as her smoothies and Swedish blood pudding!

I also made my first ever Princess Cake for a lunch with my aunt and uncle. While the edges left quite a lot to desire it was absolutely delicious and I will make it again when we come home to Australia! Will post the recipe soon if anyone wants it.

Pippa is loving the garden but I think I spend 90% of the time we’re sitting on the lawn making sure she doesn’t shove too much grass in her mouth!

Our neighbour is a farming family and they have lots of horses, one of which has a beautiful stallion foal! So pretty, we walk down to the paddock most nights to have a little look.

Summer dinner and lunches it’s been a lot of! This salad I made has spinach leave, roasted pumpkin and beetroot, sultanas and chèvre in it. Sounds off perhaps but was very yummy. Below is grilled salmon, an almond and pea pesto, my sisters amazjng tzatziki and potato salad. Eating outside at 8pm is quite amazing!

Dill potatoes are a mandatory staple for Swedish summer dinners! Boil new potatoes with salt and then toss them in lots of butter and chopped dill. Soo delicious!

My sister made this almond cake with lemon curd, cream and strawberries and I will definitely make it again and write out the recipe! Summer in a cake!

To be home with my little baby girl is absolutely amazing and I’m so exited for the next two months here in Sweden with her!

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