A Sunday on the Farm

This weekend we had something as rare this time of year as a (almost!) whole Sunday together all three of us. During seeding Brett works even longer hours than usual, and for being a farmer that’s saying something. The focus for all the guys working is to get the crop in efficiently, and preferably without any tractor or seeder bar breakdowns. There is always something to do on a farm and since this year has turned out to be an extremely dry one Brett is non stop feeding the sheep and cows. While Pip and I often drive around with him on the farm during the week we haven’t actually had quality family time for ages, apart from the odd footy day here and there! So that Brett took a Sunday off was welcome. Not only for him but also for me as I then have another person changing nappies home too!

It’s so easy for farmers to just go go go and never take that time off to wind down, especially during busy times. But it really is beyond important that they do. My father in law often tells the tale how he could survive on just an apple for lunch as he was so high on the adrenalin (stress) from running around from one task to another but that ultimately if you do that you crash. So we try to be mindful of how important it is to take a deep breath and let it all go. One way to do that is to have a yummy breakfast! Pancakes is a weekend favourite in our house and these ones are super simple but always turn out fluffy and delicious. I just mix 1 cup of SR flour, 3/4 cup of milk, a pinch of salt and one egg and fry in butter to make them golden and a bit crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. We ate them with a hot cup of coffee and lots of berries, as well as the mandatory pool of maple syrup.

Pip ate her banana and avocado oatmeal (she loves that combo!) and put on her best farm flannel.

Mummy’s darling! It’s so wonderful to see how happy this little lady is and she’s a real chatterbox too. Never a quiet moment! Unless she’s trying to eat the pages of a book, then she’s dead silent and I know that she’s up to something she shouldn’t be.

After breakfast we did a bit of potting around and then I went for a drive around the sheds on the four wheeler. Since it is so incredibly dry and we’ve used up all our own hay we have had to buy a massive truckload of bales. As I drove past the cow and calves paddock I saw a stray cow walking around by the shed. Getting closer I saw another one too, and another one…. and when I reached the hay bales half a mob of cows were hanging out, enjoying themselves tremendously!

I was pretty perplexed over how they had jumped the fence as a cow is pretty solid and the fence rather high, and has electricity in it.. but with my baby brain I had forgotten that the power had gone out in the morning and swoosh they jumped the fence as elegantly as ever. The cows must have walked around smelling the hay scent ever since it got loaded off the truck and when the power went off they took their chance. Good effort I say!

Brett chased the cows back in with Alfie’s help while Pip watched the whole thing in awe. She loves everything that’s spelled farming and I think her dad will have his hands full in a couple of years when she can come with him and “help” out!

After a morning of cow chasing Texas was pretty tired (even though he didn’t do anything haha) and we all spent the Sunday in my favourite weekend spot, on one of our four sofas! Watching footy, reading books, cuddling, playing and eating an enormous amount of chocolate. Just as a Sunday should be spent! To have a Sunday at home with my little family really is something I treasure so very much, and I can’t wait until seeding is over so we can have more family time again.

I have to say that I honestly don’t know a single farmer’s wife who thinks seeding is fun, as much as harvest is probably as busy it’s somehow more exciting as you can see the crop come off and it all (unless you have a terrible year and harvest goes into January!) culminates in Christmas.

Anyway, this was a little about one Sunday on the farm. One where I fell asleep extremely full, both in belly and in heart ♥️

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