Blueberry Danish Braids

The other day I went up extra early to make pastry.. jokes. I might have gotten up early but it definitely had more to do with a baby who thinks the earlier rise in the morning the better, rather than an urge to perfect a pastry dough. I’m sure making one myself, delicately folding layers of dough and butter just like they do in the Bake Off, would make it taste far superior .. but I’m all for convenience these days (like all days..) and shop bought works great for me. It comes neatly packaged and leaves me with more time to do the fun bits, decorating and filling my Danish pastries.

These blueberry braids are that type of thing you make when you’re in a hurry, they are as quick and convenient as the packages pastry and doesn’t require any skill at all to make. I’m doing dinners and treats for the workers here on the farm and as much as I think they like their chili con a lot of carne or sausage meal I bet it’s the sweet a treat keeps them a bit more focused. Well, sugar does that to me at least… for a while before I need something more sugary haha. Hence why I always put two pieces of cake in their dinner box! The braids are cheap as to make too, and only requires things you often have in the freezer or pantry. Perfect for us farmers for weeks when you haven’t had time to go to town!

Anyway! Here comes the recipe. I don’t actually ever follow a recipe when I make these pastries so I haven’t written out exact measurements as they turn out ok regardless. I used raspberry jam for these ones but you can swap it for any jam you like, and any berries too. The berries and jam will drip out the side but it truly doesn’t matter. The syrup tastes yummy and sooo encourages you to eat them warm with ice cream! But they taste just as good cold. Hope you’ll like them!

RECIPE- Makes 12


3 sheets of puff pastry

About 1 large cup of frozen blueberries

Raspberry jam

1 egg

Flaked almonds, raw sugar or pearl sugar for decoration and extra crunch


1. Place oven on 190 degrees Celsius.

2. Cut the pastry sheets into four squares.

3. Place all squares on 2 baking trays lined with baking paper.

4. Cut strips on two opposite edges of the pastry, leaving about 2 cm in the middle uncut. The strips should be about 1 cm wise. But make them thinner if you like, that looks extra fancy I think haha.

5. Spread raspberry jam down the middle of all your pastry squares and place blueberries on top.

6. Alternate placing strips of pastry over the blueberries in a criss cross fashion, like a braid.

7. Whisk the egg and brush all pastry braids. Sprinkle with pearl sugar, raw sugar or flaked almonds.

8. Bake for 20 mins or until the pastry is golden and all cooked. Take them out and lift one up a little to look underneath to see if the bottom is cooked, if not cook a little longer but with alfoil over so it doesn’t burn the pastry top. The bottom should look like the pic below.

9. Take out and let cool or eat warm! Yum!

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