Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

I admit, I am veeeery late on the ball here blogging about a smoothie bowl. But when it’s one even my dear husband loved I think I have to do it. It’s just so yummy and delicious on a super hot day on the farm, or anywhere! And it’s full of goodness too. Big plus now in the month of January and before we head off on our holiday, which undeniably is going to be filled with indulgent stuff like bacon breakfasts and a million creamy lattes.

So! Here we go. You can use any yoghurt you like of course but I really like this new Icelandic one from Nudie!

INGREDIENTS for 1 portion

200g of Nudies’s Icelandic blueberry yogurt

250g frozen blueberries and strawberries

Drops of stevia after taste

Fruit, crushed macadamias mixed with cinnamon, berries, dried fruit coconut and candied ginger to top with! Or whatever tickles your fancy.


Place berries, stevia and yoghurt in a bowl (if using a hand mixer) or food processor. Blitz together and pour into bowl. Smoothen a little if you like and top with the coconut, crushed macadamias and the rest of whatever you like. Eat straight away!

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