Harvest time rambles

Harvest is in full swing here on the farm. The canola and barley has been taken off and the guys are onto the wheat. We’ve been going for weeks and usually this time of year we are all ready for it to be done and dusted. If we get ten sunny days we could be finished but something always happens (be it a header breakdown or a thunderstorm!) so it’s hard to see when it will be finished. It’s exciting to see how all the hard work throughout the year will pay off, but it’s also a bit nerve wracking as we never know if the yield will be as good as it can, and this year some of our wheat annoyingly got damaged by frost.

It’s all a guessing game and the house feels a little bit more empty at the moment. Brett goes to work at 6am and comes back at 10pm or later when both Pip and I are snoozing in bed. It makes the lead up to Christmas all the more wonderful (if we’re finished which we usually are) when family time is back again and we can have waffles for breakfast together and even go to town and get things done. Like getting hair cuts. Boy do we both need hair cuts! Pip actually almost needs one too with her mullet going on.

I don’t get that much time to make fancy food for myself these days but knowing that would probably be the case when our little baby arrived I stocked up on waffles to put in the freezer and the other day though I took some out and ate with cream and jam, a perfect treat for a sleep deprived mummy.

When it’s harvest Brett eats all his meals out in the paddock and his lunch boxes aren’t that exciting either at the moment. This year my farmer get to spend a few weeks living on fruit, protein bars, enormous sandwiches full of smoked ham, beef or salmon and veggies and if he’s really lucky I might throw in a pie or a quiche in too. But he seems pretty happy and to be honest, as someone who could live on bread alone, I would be too. I actually wish I could eat that many sandwiches a day and still fit in to my jeans. But no. Now when Pip is here I quite simply don’t get the time to make all the baked goods I usually pack either but I think scones, simple choc chip cookies and slices that aren’t too fluffy (I’m looking at you vanilla slice) such as lemon bars, muesli or caramel slices or brownies are a good idea to keep those long days from getting too boring. Sugar is always such a pick me up… at least for a little while. I don’t think any dietician would approve!

Food eaten on a tractor obviously needs to be eaten with one hand and other good things for harvest lunch boxes are sausage rolls (which I had never even heard off before moving to Australia and still don’t really like but Brett and 98% of the country does), savoury Muffins full of feta, pumpkin and ham, homemade sushi (which is surprisingly easy to make- or I wouldn’t do it..) made with my favourite omelette fried in garlic oil and rolled with avocado or tuna and kewpie mayo, spring rolls or cold grilled cheese sandwiches. I know the latter sounds yuk but I love (!) it and so does my husband. Somehow they are still tasty cold and they are so easy to make in a big number. Bang some sliced bread on a tray, on with the butter, the ham, the thinly sliced tomatoes and too much cheese and pop in the oven. Eaten straight away with pumpkin soup for dinner or for a tractor lunch the day after with sliced up veggies and hummus dip. Yummy I say but I’m completely aware you think I might be a weirdo there but I blame my dad who used to think it was a great idea for breakfast.

Sometimes though this farmer dad gets a bit of a break and then Pip think riding on his shoulder looking out over the room is the absolute best. I think she’s hanging out for some more daddy cuddles! It’s hard for the farming dad (or any dad I guess!) that doesn’t get to be there much and see their little babies develop. They grow from being a little thing not doing much to smiling and interacting so quickly and I can’t wait for harvest to finish so Brett can be home more and see Pip for longer.

This morning when my two loves slept in together and mum watched them with a heart full of love ❤️And a stomach grumbling for those waffles!

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