Snoozy Sunday

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby toes? I think I ask myself this question at least a few times a day. Anyway, this is Pip and Brett this morning after Pip’s 4am feed. I should have gone back to sleep but instead I spent a good half hour (if not more..) lying there looking at her little face, and toes.

Normally I try to put her back in her basinet after feeds during the night but since it’s harvest time here on the farm and Brett hardly gets to see his little girl as he’s gone from 6am to 10pm most days I think it’s nice if he can wake up next to her and have a morning cuddle and chat. It was especially needed this Sunday too as Pip had her first immunisation on Friday afternoon and has been a bit unsettled and upset.

She’s been a great baby this far, she sleeps not too badly, is happy, eats well and doesn’t take too long to resettle after her night feeds but since having her needles and the rota vaccine I think she’s had a bit of a tummy ache. She’s been very much in need of sleeping on me and doesn’t at all want to be put down which means I can’t get anything done when I’m home alone both day and night (every day that is until harvest is finished!). Thank goodness for my Baby Björn carrier! I think I will have to start using it far more often to actually get things done around here. I know they say you have to lower your tolerance for messiness and I definitely have but it’s still hard to see things not being as organised or tidy as I would like it.

I’m lucky in the fact that before I had Pip my mother in law encouraged me to get a cleaner to come and help once a week and that has truly been a lifesaver. If we lived in the city and my husband had a nine to five job it wouldn’t be an issue as he is a great help around the house but during harvest he works seven days a week some help really makes a difference. It means that I don’t have to stress about the dirty floor as much, knowing it will be taken care of even in a week when Pip doesn’t let me put her down. It took a little while to get used to not being the one doing the big clean of my own house but now I love it haha.

This Sunday was, as mentioned, one where I’d didn’t get anything done. But I did however somehow manage to make a cracking lunch to get some energy into me from something else than toast and muesli bars. This has to be one of my favourite salads to make, and one that reminds me of home. It’s super easy to make to and doesn’t really require any fancy ingredients. I think I’m quite alone in my love for ice berg lettuce though. I always make a big garden salad for when I have friends over and when I put ice berg in there I always end up eating it all myself haha. Not that I’m complaining about that since I think it’s a great carrier of flavour but I’ve realised it’s better to do something slightly more exciting for dinner parties and stick to my ice berg lettuce filled salads when I make it for myself!

This salad has that very lettuce as a base but it could easily be swapped for a bed of spinach and kale too! On the lettuce of choice I put baked salmon (cured would be nice too), blanched peas, thinly sliced red onion, thinly sliced summery courgette, and a big blob of creamy goats cheese. Some pumpkin seeds is also nice to add on top and for a dressing I just mix a little mustard with olive oil, salt, pepper and apple cider vinegar. Eaten with some nice crisp bread this lunch is one that will keep you full at least until that 3pm slump kicks in!

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