My little beach bum to be

One thing I love about living on the farm is that we are so close to the ocean. Twenty five minutes and we have so many wonderful beaches (which most of the year is almost completely empty of people!) to go to. I think becoming a beach bum when growing up here is inevitable, especially if you, like Pip, have a pappa who loves his surfing.

A couple of weeks ago we took Pip for her first beach trip, which, funnily enough didn’t even involve actually getting out of the car. Instead Pip and I spent the whole time in the cool car breastfeeding and thinking “oh how life has changed since last time I went to the beach”. Then I lay in my reclining beach chair soaking up the sun thinking about myself and here I were instead hiding from the rays to protect my little girl from the harshness of the sun.

The trips to the beach when reading a book and eating my picnic in peace are gone and even though I think I might miss it at times I think taking Pip to the beach will be our new favourite thing to do. Seeing her form a love for the ocean, learning to surf (apparently she has “no choice” and “will love it” according to my husband) and taking salty dips with her mamma. I can’t wait.

I think Alfie will appreciate having another little beach bum to run around with too. He loves the sunny days spend sitting on the beach waiting for Brett to come in from his surf and take him for a run along the dunes.

As for beach picnic snacks these cinnamon buns (will have to push the recipe later!) are the absolute bomb. Preferably eaten with a cold glass of strawberry lemonade and salty fingers. Summer at its best!

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