The makings of a great breakfast

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? Well, I do know a few who doesn’t but I don’t really understand why as I can go to bed thinking about what to have for breakfast. During the weeks, and especially now since Pip has made her appearance, I pretty much eat exactly the same thing five days a week: rice cakes with ham or salmon and scrambled eggs with kale and other green veggies (and ketchup! Very important addition) and maybe some fruit. It fills me up for a while and takes no time to make.

On weekends though I like to make something a bit more special, be it a extra yummy bread, pancakes or French toast. This breakfast here is one of my favourites, fruit and nut toast with lots of butter and a humungous fruit salad. With a cup of tea or hot chocolate (always choc when I’m pregnant!) it makes for a lovely lazy breakfast with the people I love, and that even though it will most likely be interrupted by a hungry baby wanting her second or fourth milky breakfast too.

In Australia during summer the fruit is out of this world delicious and even throughout the year at least half of my weekly food budget goes straight to fruit and vegetables. If not more. I know my husband could eat only a sausage roll or a museli bar for breakfast I think a good breakky should include something fresh, as should all meals! It just makes it more delicious and you feel as if you’re balancing out that delicious piece of cake that surely will be consumed sometime throughout the day. A good start with a breakfast filled with both nutrients and happiness quite simply is key and on weekends while my husband plays with Pip I love spending that extra time on making it that little bit yummier.

Hope you have a lovely week and get to enjoy some nice breakfasts too!

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